STYLE RULES ... how to wear a men's suit

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How do you know if it's the right jacket?

The jacket is a very important element of your dress and must dress you perfectly. To understand if the size is correct You must make sure that you can slide your hand between your chest and the buttoned jacket, your jacket must be tight-fitting but with enough space to move.

Do you know what is the only button on the jacket that can always be closed?

The only button on the jacket that can stay closed is the one in the middle.

During a business lunch or meeting, should the jacket be kept closed or open?

Before sitting, the jacket must always be unbuttoned first of all to feel more comfortable and then not to ruin the shape of your dress.

Do all shirt buttons always have to be fastened?

Yes, the rule is that all the loot of the shirt must be worn closed.

How long should the cuffs of the shirt be?

The cuffs of your shirt must never go to cover the hand and only a quarter of the cuff should come out of the sleeve of the jacket.

How do you know if the shirt collar is perfect?

Easy ... you have to check if two fingers pass between your neck and the collar of the shirt, if they pass then it is perfect.

What is the right length for trousers in a suit?

The rule is ... the trousers must not be too long or too short, but must rest gently on the shoes. The important thing is never to let the bare leg glimpse when you sit down.

What is the advice for an impeccable look?

Choose the belt combined with the shoes you are wearing and never put brown shoes with a black dress.

How long should the tie be worn?

To be flawless, your tie will have to go up to the belt and not beyond.

Should the pocket handkerchief be combined with the tie?

First of all the pocket handkerchief can be worn alone, even without a tie; but if you want to wear it together with a tie you must know that the pocket handkerchief must NEVER be of the same fantasy as the tie and not even of the same fabric. And for the bow tie? The same rule applies!

How do you wear the bow tie?

Originally the bow tie was used only with a tuxedo. Now you can also wear it with other clothes, but the important thing is to know that: never wear it without a jacket!

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